Our mission at TruckStrong is to promote and encourage health and vitality within the trucking industry. With years of truck driving and transportation experience ourselves, we know first hand how challenging it can be to make healthy decisions on the road. TruckStrong strives to inform, equip, and help truck drivers to reclaim and maintain their health while building a future toward healthy living. Our plans empower truck drivers across North America to make the lifestyle choices today that will ensure a stronger tomorrow…for the Love of Life!

Fitness Man

Wellness Plan & Curriculum

The innovative TruckStrong wellness plan was developed around proven health and fitness strategies and equips drivers with the tools and knowledge necessary to make healthy choices while on the road. Our road friendly strategy was designed by veterans of the trucking industry, providing a road tested and easy to follow road map to lasting driver health and wellness.



Give your drivers the knowledge and motivation to make positive health changes. Our certification is attractive to both students and employers because companies can feel confident that they have well informed drivers who have been fully trained with practical health information that can reduce safety problems, lower absenteeism, decrease insurance costs, and improve overall productivity.